Art by Monica Medappa

Wide-eyed and wishful,

Living was vibrant.

They come decent and pure 

With good intentions and 

oh! virtues galore.

Truth came along

flashing and crashing,

The deception is nauseating.

Lies and deceit glazed with

Promises and dreams.

The revelation set the insides

stupefied to a perpetual scream

Trepidation, Vexed, remorse,

Can I please pick one for the day? 

Pick all and make sure they stay 

As a bonus, we offer you a malady! 

Perception of the world, 

Melting, wet and mildewed. 

Pulsating bedlam in the head. 

The exhaustion of it all

births the dancing Serpent.

Ensuing from acceptance

But alert and in balance. 

The cosmos in disarray 

Yet the Serpent cautiously sways.

Aware that the dance shall persist 

For she knows, within this grand chaos

Lies the dance-floor and the lair. 

Triggers: The West is Dead -HMLTD, Summertime – Mareux

Brahmin Bunny

Arcadian Verses

Stranded at sea, a rabbit of proud pedigree.

A far cry from what used to be.

Ousted by his crew for not fixing chicken stew.

“Banish this useless shrew”

“Pardon me I am no shrew! I am an Angora blue

Eating flesh is vulgar so Greens I cook plethora”

“Hurl him overboard or send him packing on the little red boat!”

Alone a fleece of Brahmin, middle of the Arabian.

Foreign to this seclusion, mopey from rejection.

Guilty of self-pity for he was no moaney coney.

Still he was sure the world came with good intent.

Wickedness only intermittent.

Now came a ravaging hunger, intruding his profound ponder.

Schools of fish swam erratic, “lookey lookey, isn’t it cherubic”

Rabbit on red boat made them ecstatic

Virtuous felt he, for hungry he may be but eating flesh is a deed so ghastly.

His breed owed him a…

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Art by Monica Medappa

Sailing through once pristine waters,

now as black as tar.

Toxins, the new Tzar

Cadmium spheres and metals molten.

Air so static,

silence of nature, vitriolic.

Beer cans and cigarette stubs,

poystyrene and gasoline,

plastic and condom,

Man-made vermin, earth’s new emblem.

Scores of opah and barracuda,

floating dead from hypoxia.

Some gasping,

fervently searching.

Sweet Air.. just one last gulp,

before death beats life to pulp.


 The ocean is respiring!

Forcing. Exploding through this chemical vessel,

Comes iridescent hoods and tentacles!

Beating all odds and obstacles!

The sheer magnetism sends an outcry!

Cnidarian eclipse!

That was the night they took to the sky.

Leaving behind this toxic nuclei.

Triggers: Mareux-The Perfect Girl and Chelou-Aneurysm (A Tribute to Nirvana)


Image by Pratheek Rao

Midday drizzle

Exploded to torrential ripples

The air was brimming trouble

When instead of ripples

Down poured cinder people

Faceless with eyes like flaring spirals

Eyes that cascade you down to a timeless capsule

It rained and rained of cinder people.

Pelting down in thousands

As townsfolk run rampant.

Amidst the towering unknown,

Clutching cell phones, crawling on flagstones.

Hysterical, scramble, gabble, immobile.

‘What in the name of the devil??’

‘What the fuck are them people??’

Some jostled to safer sides

Some cowered and cried.

Clamped hands held bats and rakes,

Cleavers, racquets and hatchets.

Mortals aggregate.

Awaiting a move, a reaction.

To slice them aliens into ribbons.

Each festered a fear subliminal.

But in vain, the cinders only

Stared and stared……

Unflinching forward or backward.

With stares so nebulous,

Thrusting into bodies so conscious.

Digging to find the meaning of sentience.

That was the noon when fear was tangible.

Fear to the unfelt is a feeling that is cardinal.

The sun’s faint glimmer,

Was the end of the unfamiliar

Their bodies brought down to simmer.

Mortal stares of stupor met with

Thousands of hollow stares as they trickled

down the drain into Black Black puddles.


Image by Arup Barua

45 years. He questions the meaning of life and existence. The answers he pursued. Long nights in libraries, hypotheses from Mahayogis. He travelled by foot to woodlands and cities.
Sitting beside chai kiosks, overhearing techies conversing, people cursing, in gadgets immersing.
Temporal urges they ingested.
Every brick and wall, synthetic infested.
The city and it’s eccentricities, the forest and it’s trees held no answers.
At midnight beside a stream.
One last time, flashes of bygones under the moon beam.
‘There never was an answer’
The body transforming into a sanctuary of yogic contortions.
No expectations. The mind on the ‘Now’, a consistent pulsation
Focus on every movement, constituent, every contorting element.
Absorbing the process, he transcends.
Third eye metastasis.


Image by Monica Medappa

Spanning across a thousand yards,

Across boulevards, circuit lines and bottle shards,

Stands a spectacle, stoic and skeletal.

For 800 years those pinnacles like needles,

 Awaits to spike a fallen angel…

Perhaps on one of my nocturnal musings

I might see an angel hanging

On your pinnacle like a flag hoisted

of white and gold afloat.

Your body mightily antediluvian,

is a dance of illumination,

of fire, ochre and feuillemort.

An emblem of divine enormity,

Despite that unflinching austerity,

Do you sometimes sway to impish tendencies?

Hiding within a goetic entity?

What secrets of past feuds and turmoil,

do you hold in those arches, vaults and gargoyles?

Did Gods and demons, within your walls

Debate, inebriate, copulate super coiled?

Towering solemn this witching hour..

Is Petrov, a golden spectre.

Triggers: Roslyn by Bon Iver & St. Vincent and Kometa by Jaromír Nohavica


Art by Monica Medappa

I died and became a scarab beetle, reborn in Savannah’s torrid heat.
Spinning dung, I’m on the look out for bigger obstacles.
Spiders, wildebeests maybe even an African eagle?
Spin, spin, spin. vision-360 degrees.

Spin, spin, spin – a resting oryx

Spin, Spin, SPIN! – centipedes curling on a mound spire

At a distance, a rhino beetle. I disregard.

But Oh!

My dung orb rolls downhill! Who knew, I’d be crushed by my cousin’s mandible.
My end in a vast grassland, so trivial.

Triggers: Old friends by Darren Korb and You’re somebody else by flora cash


Art by Monica Medappa

The blind man and the rooster.
Walked miles and miles together.
Offerings of corn by village folk they shared together.
He sang to him and he clucked in acknowledgement.
One night, the blind man slept intoxicated. The rooster pecked him in several places, unintended.
At dawn, from every peck arose an eyeball. He could see it all!!
Sky and land! Feet and church arcade, fishes below, pelicans overhead! all at the same time. compound vision!
He ran to the village,overwhelmed
‘Magical rooster! visions to me,he rendered!’
People petrified!’ bogeyman!!’kids mortified.
The guards promptly arrived.
‘Magical rooster! visions to me,he rendered!!’
The rooster’s neck was instantly wrung. Following day, accused of witchcraft, he was hung…

Triggers: Fountains by Blvck Ceiling and Save your grace by Scarlxrd


Art by Monica Medappa

There once was a creature, so chthonic,

Sighted in the woods of Wyoming.

A hybrid hare with pronghorn antlers,

Names it had, Jackalope and Wolpertinger.

With time it fostered many portmanteau,

Even a love story between a hare and a roe.

At La Bonte its head was a show,

Herrick the hunter made a bit of dough.

The Aztecs adored, the Old West abhorred

About a creature full of mystery and gore.

In 1933, Shope made a discovery.

A villainous virus that shaped Fluffy so monstrous.

Protrusions so keratinous,

Death from hunger, a fate so callous.

Jutting from spine and groin, mouth and muzzle.

How he wished to nibble on his favourite vegetable.

Triggers: This bitter Earth by Dinah Washington


Art by Monica Medappa

Blue light hypnosis.

Eugene’s world was a virtual closet.

Gaping at the screen, in cyberspace she reigned supreme.
The world outside was falling apart! the war!

Benzene, Bromine, Ethene.

Eugene! GET OUT!!

I witness the transmutation!

Cable queen! Nerve endings jutting out merging with machine wires. Her face a sanctum of multiplying tumours. Her spines shattering breaking out to extensive spikes! Her skeletal framework degenerating-wormlike.


the void it stares. Chewing lead and titanium.  It wasn’t human…..

Triggers: In Circles by Transistor

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