Art by Monica Medappa

Oh hello there, I see you coming,

Descending on me, like a feather floating.

maybe softly humming, wavlets of teal transparency.

Nonchalantly, you shall again take away my bleached normalcy.

Here you are to engulf me.. now a world I see..

of cobalt blue, the only hue cast from this prism

encompassing this macrocosm.

Set on me your diaphanous drape,

Let all of world be a cyanide-scape.

Peeking meekly is Normalcy’s penumbra

Whilst armies of thoughts ready to wage a vendetta.

Kingdoms of notions set to revolt,

‘against who and what??’

Until this drape departs,

My reflections bleed cobalt.

Triggers: Schism by Tool

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