Art by Monica Medappa

There once was a creature, so chthonic,

Sighted in the woods of Wyoming.

A hybrid hare with pronghorn antlers,

Names it had, Jackalope and Wolpertinger.

With time it fostered many portmanteau,

Even a love story between a hare and a roe.

At La Bonte its head was a show,

Herrick the hunter made a bit of dough.

The Aztecs adored, the Old West abhorred

About a creature full of mystery and gore.

In 1933, Shope made a discovery.

A villainous virus that shaped Fluffy so monstrous.

Protrusions so keratinous,

Death from hunger, a fate so callous.

Jutting from spine and groin, mouth and muzzle.

How he wished to nibble on his favourite vegetable.

Triggers: This bitter Earth by Dinah Washington

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