Art by Monica Medappa

Oh this despicable work of mine!

I shall eat the words, the cat, the serpent

swallow, then regurgitate

and set them all aflare.


Wide-eyed and wishful,

Living was vibrant.

They come decent and pure 

With good intentions and 

oh! virtues galore.

Truth came along

flashing and crashing,

The deception is nauseating.

Lies and deceit glazed with

Promises and dreams.

The revelation set the insides

stupefied to a perpetual scream

Trepidation, Vexed, remorse,

Can I please pick one for the day? 

Pick all and make sure they stay 

As a bonus, we offer you a malady! 

Perception of the world, 

Melting, wet and mildewed. 

Pulsating bedlam in the head. 

From the exhaustion of it all

is the birth of a dancing Serpent.

Ensuing from acceptance

Alert and in balance. 

The cosmos in disarray 

Yet the Serpent cautiously sways.

Aware that the dance shall persist 

For she knows, within this grand chaos

Lies the dance-floor and the lair. 

Triggers: The West is Dead -HMLTD, Summertime – Mareux

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