They said it would be the bloodiest battle history ever witnessed.For years they practised in mock battles, drank potions to grow fearless.The battle it came. Chanting slogans ‘this is Armageddon’Onward and ahead ‘dead more honourable than dread’Hammers sprung, spears soaring, helmets crushed, jaws smashing, sounds of bronze shattering, limbs flying.Screams and metals clanking.Deafening until silenceContinue reading “Wasted”

Who am I?

From lunacy and pandemonium, arose an attire of delirium. The man behind the suit can be your best chum or a repulsive scum. He wore a maniacal grin, from the ruffles of his linen comes a trick, another gimmick. You could gape in awe, applaud or guffaw. Or roll your eyes but he never failsContinue reading “Who am I?”


Oh hello there, I see you coming, Descending on me, like a feather floating. maybe softly humming, wavlets of teal transparency. Nonchalantly, you shall again take away my bleached normalcy. Here you are to engulf me.. now a world I see.. of cobalt blue, the only hue cast from this prism encompassing this macrocosm. SetContinue reading “Cobalt”

My Pretty slain frog

In remembrance of a frog who unfortunately crossed paths with me many years ago. Kicking dirt. Torpid motion. Risen from an abyssal aestivation. A scheme drawn whilst licking her eyeball. Through the reeds she will crawl, Onto the lettuce leaf, leap a free-fall And then to sprawl…… Spit hunt a spider for dinner… Sedated kinesisContinue reading “My Pretty slain frog”


Fire to her was a funny spectacle A plaything she could not resist to fiddle with. As if it were a deep riddle, Candles and lamps were her play and puzzle. A juvenile with a matchstick in hand, The power she had to start fire on command. Setting fire to the hay, enchanted she wasContinue reading “Pyropower”

Brahmin Bunny

Stranded at sea, a rabbit of proud pedigree. A far cry from what used to be. Ousted by his crew for not fixing chicken stew. “Banish this useless shrew” “Pardon me I am no shrew! I am an Angora blue Eating flesh is vulgar so Greens I cook plethora” “Hurl him overboard or send himContinue reading “Brahmin Bunny”