Sailing through once pristine waters, now as black as tar. Toxins, the new Tzar Cadmium spheres and metals molten. Air so static, silence of nature, vitriolic. Beer cans and cigarette stubs, poystyrene and gasoline, plastic and condom, Man-made vermin, earth’s new emblem. Scores of opah and barracuda, floating dead from hypoxia. Some gasping, fervently searching.Continue reading “Goodbye”


45 years. He questions the meaning of life and existence. The answers he pursued. Long nights in libraries, hypotheses from Mahayogis. He travelled by foot to woodlands and cities.Sitting beside chai kiosks, overhearing techies conversing, people cursing, in gadgets immersing.Temporal urges they ingested.Every brick and wall, synthetic infested.The city and it’s eccentricities, the forest andContinue reading “Mahayogi”


There once was a creature, so chthonic, Sighted in the woods of Wyoming. A hybrid hare with pronghorn antlers, Names it had, Jackalope and Wolpertinger. With time it fostered many portmanteau, Even a love story between a hare and a roe. At La Bonte its head was a show, Herrick the hunter made a bitContinue reading “Wolpertinger”


Art by Monica Medappa Blue light hypnosis.Hopeless! Eugene’s world was a virtual closet. Gaping at the screen, in cyberspace she reigned supreme.The world outside was falling apart! the war! Benzene, Bromine, Ethene. Eugene! GET OUT!! I witness the transmutation! Cable queen! Nerve endings jutting out merging with machine wires. Her face a sanctum of multiplyingContinue reading “Eugene…”