Who am I?

From lunacy and pandemonium, arose an attire of delirium.

The man behind the suit can be your best chum or a repulsive scum.

He wore a maniacal grin, from the ruffles of his linen comes a trick, another gimmick.

You could gape in awe, applaud or guffaw. Or roll your eyes but he never fails to entice.

Is he being plain hysterical? Is he satirical of a you, of a me, of society? his parody of our conformity?

A jingle and a twinkle, a juggle he bungles, you thought he’d miss so he chuckles..

Klunni ol’ phoney, that bouncing rascal!

He hypnotises my santiy to a prismatic carnival.

Is he the very disguise of the devil?


The man behind the clown is a man I will never know. The man who is me will I ever know?

When the mask wears off, when the laughter is unheard of,

Does he ask himself the same question as I?

Who am I?

Triggers: I put a spell on you by Jay Hawkins ❤

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